Enabling and disabling pre/postprocessors

If you change the enabled status of a burster/trimmer/stacker (BTS) or an offsetter postprocessing device, you must make configuration changes on the Pre/Postprocessing panel (Printer Definition -> Pre/Postprocessing). See the Planning and Configuration Guide for more information.

For all other types of postprocessing devices and for all preprocessing devices, you can make status changes only using the Enable and Disable options on the Pre/postprocessors panel (Frequent Tasks -> Pre/Postprocessors).

The service representative configures any attached preprocessors and postprocessors when they are installed and sets the state of each device to Enabled or Disabled.


Do this procedure to functionally connect (enable) the printer to the processor or disconnect (disable) the printer from the processor.

  1. On the Main touch panel, select Frequent Tasks -> Pre/Postprocessors.
  2. Select a processor in the Processor Name list. The status displays next to the processor.
  3. Select Enable or Disable.
    The internal stacker feature is supported on InfoPrint 4100 Models MS1 and HS2 in Simplex mode only, and on Models MD1/2 and HS3/4 in Dual Simplex mode only. When the internal stacker is enabled on HS2 or HD3/4 printers, the printer speed must be set to Low. Select Low for the Printer Speed option on the Printer - Basic panel (Printer Definition -> Printer -> Basic).