Powering on the system

You can switch power on for the complete system for Duplex or for Dual Simplex mode. Or you can switch power on for only one printer and its associated control unit in Dual Simplex mode when one of the two system printers cannot be used and needs repair. In either mode, and with the use of either printer, you must switch the Printer 2 control unit power on.

The method you use to switch power on for the system depends on whether power control is set to Local or Remote. See About the local and remote power controls for details.

  1. The Printer 2 control unit must have power on to switch on power for Printer 1 even if Printer 2 is powered off.
  2. The Unit Emergency switch in each printer must be in the Power Enable position before you can switch power on to that printer.
  3. If a D208 intervention message occurs after you switch power on for the system, do the following:

    1. Ensure the printers are powered on.
    2. On the Main touch panel, select Shutdown and then Restart.
    3. If the error occurs again, switch power off for the system.
    4. Wait two minutes.
    5. Switch power on for the system again.
    If you are operating the system in dual simplex mode and leave one printer powered-off, the D208 error remains on the powered-off printer panel.