Operator Responsibilities

This section describes operator tasks, when the tasks should be performed, and where to find more information about performing the tasks.

What to Do: When to Do It: Where to Find More Information:
Power the printer on and off.
  • As necessary.
Enable and disable protocols.
  • As necessary.
Clean all functional areas of the printer.
  • At the beginning of each shift.
Define forms and load forms.
  • At start of job.
Thread forms (Duplex mode), ensure proper form alignment, and verify side 2 printing.
  • When loading new forms.
  • After a power on or restart.
  • After any machine-detected errors.
Change mode from Duplex to Dual Simplex, or vice versa.
  • As necessary.
Check print quality and print samples.
  • At the start of every day.
  • Before and during any important jobs.
Replenish and check supplies.
  • As indicated by messages on the affected printer operator panel display.
Clear forms jams and errors.
  • As indicated by messages on both the touch panel and the affected printer operator panel display.
Run traces.
  • As requested by the system programmer or service representative.
Change printer configuration.
  • At start of job.
  • Refer to the printer definition items in the Planning and Configuration Guide.
Clean the Buffer/Flipper Unit - module, brushes, photocell, and reflector.
  • Daily.
Clean the Buffer/Flipper Unit rollers.
  • Once each week.
Clean the oiler belt.
  • Once each week.
Change the oiler belt.
  • As necessary.
Check the absorbent pad in the oil pan.
  • Once each week.
Order supplies.
  • As necessary.
  • "Appendix A: Obtaining Supplies" in the Planning and Configuration Guide
Report printer usage.
  • End of every month.