On-screen-display (OSD) controls

The on-screen-display (OSD) controls allow you to make adjustments to the image on the touch panel. Press both the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons at the same time to display the on-screen-display (OSD) main window. See Adjusting the touch panel for instructions on using the plus and minus buttons to select OSD controls.

If you have a problem using the touch panel, try the suggested actions in Problem solving tips before you call the service representative.

Figure 27. On-screen-display menu
on-screen-display menu
OSD Icon Description
Auto SET
OSD Auto SET icon
Automatically adjusts the settings.
OSD Brightness icon
Adjusts brightness.
OSD Contrast icon
Adjusts contrast.
Fine Tune
OSD Fine Tune icon
Moves the screen left and right or up and down.


  • H-Position
  • V-Position
  • Clock
  • Phase
  • Memory Recall
  • Auto Color
  • Exit
OSD Setting
OSD Setting icon
Changes the position of the OSD on the touch panel.


  • OSD H-Position
  • OSD V-Position
  • OSD Timeout
  • Language
  • OSD Transparency
  • Exit
Color Setting
OSD Color Settingicon
Adjusts the color settings.


  • Color Setting
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Exit
OSD ?? icon
Provides information about the monitor.


  • Horizontal Refresh Rate
  • Vertical Refresh Rate
  • Version
  • Date
OSD EXIT  icon
Exit the OSD main window and save your settings.