Using the Commercial Print Support (FC 4940)

This feature provides hardware and printer adjustments to support a heavy paper commonly used in the direct mail industry for unenveloped mailing pieces. The paper is typically referred to as nine point coated stock. The paper is nine thousandths of an inch thick and coated with a matte or glossy finish. Thinner coated stocks may also be used, such as eight point or seven point.

This support is not based on weight, or any single property of the paper. The coating, smoothness, and content of the paper are all key to the solution. It does not provide universal support for any equivalent weight paper. Holes or labels and cards attached to the form which may prevent its ability to feed properly. Printing on preprinted or varnished areas will have degraded fuse quality, depending on the screen density of the ink.

This paper is supported in Simplex operation of an InfoPrint Models 4100 HS2, HS3, HD3, HD4, HD5, or HD6 or in duplex operation on an HD3/4 or HD5/6 system. For InfoPrint Models HS2 and HD3/4, both the high and low speed settings are supported. For InfoPrint Models HS3 and HD5/6, only low speed settings are supported. Floor configurations must be either L or inline. Tractorless mode is not supported.

The paper characteristics supported are:

This feature is available on InfoPrint Models HS2, HS3, HD3/4, and HD5/6. It provides hardware that increases the ability for toner to fuse on this type of paper stock. A PTFE mat is provided for InfoPrint Models HD4 and HD6. The mat prevents toner from sticking to the pre-heat platen. The PTFE mat and wear strip are installed only in Printer 2 in a duplex system. A starter set of mats and wear strips is supplied. Additional mats and wear strips are available as a supply item.

The PTFE mat helps prevent a build up of toner, ink, and other substances on the preheat platen. Included with this feature is a wear strip that can improve the life of the PTFE mat. In some applications, the PTFE wear strip may cause fusing problems. If this is a problem, you can remove the wear strip.

The customer must provide any additional pre- and postprocessing equipment needed to handle commercial print forms. This may include urge units, walkovers, and other paper path modifications. An urge unit is required when printing in duplex mode with heavyweight forms when using this feature. It is also the customer's responsibility to order additional PTFE mats and wear strips as a supply item.