Using the Stacker Basket Extension (FC 4775) feature

The Internal Stacker feature (Feature Code 4770/4771) must be installed and enabled to use the Stacker Basket Extension feature (FC 4775). Your service representative must install all special features.

The Internal Stacker feature provides an internal stacker which can be used to stack perforated forms. The stacker supports a maximum page length of 14 inches and a minimum of 7 inches. The internal stacker feature is supported on InfoPrint 4100 Models MS1 and HS2 in Simplex mode only. It is supported on Models MD1/2 and HD3/4 in Dual Simplex mode only.

When the internal stacker is enabled on HS2 or HD3/4 printers, the printer speed must be set to Low. Select Low for the Printer Speed option on the Printer - Basic panel (Printer Definition -> Printer -> Basic).

The Stacker Basket Extension feature (FC 4775) provides an extension to the internal stacker. The extension allows the stacking of forms between 14 and 17 inches. The Stacker Basket Extension feature is supported on InfoPrint 4100 Models MS1 and MD1/2 only.

Do this procedure to use the 17-inch Stacker Basket Extension feature.

When this feature is enabled, you can use the stacker basket to catch 17-inch forms when printing in Simplex mode.


  1. Raise the Stack Height knob to the highest position.
    stack height knob
  2. Set the forms length to 17 inches.
  3. Lower the stacker table (3) to the lowest position.
    stacker table
  4. Open the stacker gate (6).
  5. Install the upper paper guard (4). It acts as a paper weight, compacting the output from the printer.
    1. Loosen the thumb screws (2) inside the stacker unit.
    2. Line up the holes (5) in the guard with the knobs and place the guard on the printer.
    3. Tighten the thumb screws to be sure that the paper guard is aligned squarely in the unit.
      upper paper guard
  6. Install the basket (1) on the base of the stacker tray.
    1. Line up the hooks (3) with the slots at the base of the stacker tray bar.
    2. Insert the basket at a 45° angle, placing the hooks through the slots in the bar.
    3. Lay the basket down. The weight of the basket holds it in place.
  7. Install the stacker basket cover (1) in the stacker gate (2) by snapping it into place.
    stacker cover