Removing the Customer Changeable Developer

Do this procedure to remove the developer.


  1. Open the right front cover of the printer.
  2. Open the drum cover (3) by turning the handle (2) clockwise.
  3. Unplug the developer communications cable (4) and tuck the connector end into the toner catch basin to ensure it is out of the way as the developer slides forward.
    drum cover
  4. Pull down on the scavenger roll tab (1), so it is in the horizontal position.
  5. Align the cart (5) with the printer and push it forward to engage it. Align the rails on the cart with the rails on the developer.
    align cart rails with developer rails
  6. Raise the top of the cart to the height of the developer, by turning the handle (6) clockwise, until it stops.
  7. Grasp the handle on the developer and pull it forward on the cart, until it locks in place. You'll hear it click when it locks in place.
    pull deverloper toward cart
  8. Lower the top of the cart by turning the handle (6) counterclockwise until it stops.
    lower cart top
  9. Press the foot release pedal (7) down and pull the cart away from the printer.