Using the MICR feature (FC 4481 and 9471) for InfoPrint Models HS2, HS3, HD3/4, and HD5/6

MICR hardware Feature Codes 4481 and 9471 and MICR feature software must be installed on the printer. Your service representative must install all special feature. FC 9471 is the factory installed MICR feature.

Do this procedure to use MICR toner in your printer. When this feature is enabled, you can select the printer you want to print using MICR toner.

Supported MICR configurations are as follows:

The stacker cannot be used when printing with MICR toner and a postprocessing device must be used instead. This allows for better cooling. Printing with MICR toner causes the paper to run hotter than with non-MICR toners.

See the Planning and Configuration Guide for more information about printing MICR documents, MICR fonts, MICR format requirements, MICR quality control, and MICR quality and format verification.


  1. Your service representative must enable software to use the MICR hardware feature.
  2. Insert the MICR configured customer changeable developer into the correct engine. See Changing the Customer Changeable Developer (CCD) for instructions on changing the customer changeable developer (CCD).
  3. Select Printer Definition -> Printer -> Setup to display the Printer - Setup panel.
  4. In the MICR Installed field, select the printer where the MICR toner is installed:
  5. Select OK to complete the installation and enable the MICR feature.
    To stop using MICR toner, select either None (Duplex mode or Dual Simplex mode) or NO (Simplex mode).