Using the Forms Size Check feature (RPQ 8B4027)

RPQ 8B4027 must be installed and enabled to use this feature. Your service representative must install all special features.

Do this procedure to enable or disable the Forms Size Check feature.

When this feature is enabled, errors are not generated if the form that is physically loaded in the printer does not match the form selected in the loaded Snapshot or Forms Settings panel. You might want to enable this feature when you are running proof pages of a particular form and you don't want to reload that form in the printer.

Be aware that printing images that are larger than the physical form that is loaded can result in contamination of the drum and print quality problems.


  1. Select Printer Definition -> Features to display the Features panel.
  2. Select 8B4027.
  3. Select Enable or Disable.
  4. Select Close.

A restart occurs automatically. Do not attempt any other task until the restart completes.