Using the Signature Page feature (FC 4553)

Feature Code 4553 must be installed and enabled to use this feature. Your service representative must install all special features.

When using this feature, the Printer 1 to Printer 2 Distance value (Printer Definition -> Printer -> Setup) must be increased by 54 inches.

This feature requires that the Duplex Performance Configuration feature (IPDS Performance SF4 Upgrade FC 4264) be installed on the InfoPrint 4100 Models HD4 or HD6.

Do this procedure to use the Signature Page feature, which allows you to use forms up to 54 inches long. This longer form size requires a receptacle (a tub) to hold the forms when they exit Printer 1. If a forms jam occurs in Printer 1, it stops printing immediately. However, Printer 2 continues to advance the forms to the top of the next page, using the forms that have collected in the tub.

The tub should be placed in the print path between the forms exit area of Printer 1 and the Buffer/Flipper Unit. Ensure that the tub is in place before you begin the threading procedure. Once the tub is in the correct position, you can lower the foot pads to prevent the tub from accidentally moving. (For dual Simplex printing, the tub must be moved out of the print path. Raise the foot pads to move the tub.)

After you thread Printer 1, thread the forms over the top roller on the tub and between the tub and the side roller. Leave enough slack in the forms in the tub. Thread the Buffer/Flipper Unit as you would normally thread it.

Figure 108. Paper path using the Signature Page feature
Paper path using the Signature Page feature
  1. Flipper
  2. Fuser
  3. Input forms area

When you are using signature page forms and printing has stopped, whether because of a jam or a need for new supplies such as toner or forms, the print job restarts at the defined recovery point when you press Start.


  1. Select Printer Definition -> Printer -> Setup to display the Printer - Setup panel.
  2. Add 54 to the value the Printer 1 to Printer 2 Distance field and type that new value in the field.
  3. Select OK.