Using the Side 2 Verify Disable feature (RPQ 8B4282)

RPQ 8B4282 must be installed and enabled to use this feature. Your service representative must install all special features.

Do this procedure to enable or disable the Side 2 Verify Disable feature.

When this feature is installed and enabled, you can select to disable side verify marks. See Using side verify marks for more information.

The Side 2 Verify Disable feature allows the side verify function to be disabled. The side verify function automatically checks to make sure that the duplex printing system is properly aligned and the printing on both sides of the forms is synchronized. If the verification system detects that the data to be printed on side 2 does not synchronize with the data printed on side 1, or if it detects the printing alignment from side 1 to side 2 is off by more than 4.2 mm (1/6th inch), it stops the printer and displays an error on the touch panel.

When you disable the side 2 verify function, the printer will not automatically check that the front and back sides of duplex jobs are printed correctly. Without the side 2 verify function, the operator must assume responsibility for inspecting the front and back sides to ensure that the job is printed correctly. Do not disable side 2 verify unless the operator is willing to assume this responsibility.


  1. Select Printer Definition -> Features to display the Features panel.
  2. Select 8B4282.
  3. Select Enable or Disable.
  4. Select Close.

A restart occurs automatically. Do not attempt any other task until the restart completes. After the printer restarts, use the Printer - Basic panel (Printer Definition -> Printer -> Basic) and select Disable for the Side Verify option to disable the side verify function.