Login page

Use the Login page to log onto the Online Access web pages. Select a user ID from the drop-down list. Enter your password and select Log in to display the Online Access main page.

The User ID drop-down lists shows all user IDs that can log in to the web pages. Your printer administrator must create user IDs using printer console functions (Logon -> Manage Users -> Online Access Authority). One user ID is provided and you can create as many additional user IDs as you desire using printer console functions.

Check the Remember me checkbox to skip the Login page in the future. Use the Logout button if you want to log in as a different user.

The Logon window on the printer console lists the base access authority levels for Operator, Administrator, and Service. Your printer administrator must also specify the Online Access Authority levels for each user ID you want to use the web pages. Only user IDs having online access authority are displayed in this list.

You can change your password using the printer console Logon window or the Change your password link from the Preferences page (select Preferences from the tool bar). For user IDs with both printer and online access authority, the printer password is used for both the printer console and the web pages. Changing your password on the web pages also changes your password on the printer console.