InfoPrint 4100 Online Access Web Pages

The InfoPrint 4100 Online Access Web Pages provide remote access from within your enterprise to your printer from your Web browser.

To use the Online Access Web Pages, you must specify the printer IP address in the Address field of your Web browser (either Internet Explorer or Firefox Web browsers are supported). The IP address you specify in your Web browser must match the IP address specified on the printer console. Your network administrator or service representative specified the printer IP address using printer console functions (Printer Definition -> Network -> Attachments -> Edit -> IP Address). The format of the URL is

The following menus are provided on the Online Access Web Pages:

The Printer menu provides detailed information about your printer status, printer configuration, and network configuration. The following pages are available from the Printer menu:

The Management menu provides functions to manage your printer. It provides detailed information about the Snapshots saved in your printer and provides an editing function so you can change values in selected editable Snapshots. The following pages are available from the Management menu:

The Maintenance menu provides log information for users and service representatives. The following pages are available from the Maintenance menu:

If applicable to the Web Page you are viewing, you may be able to use the browser Search, Find, and Print functions.

Select Preferences in the tool bar at the top of the Web Page to change your password. Changing your password on the Web Pages also changes your password on the printer console.

To display the general help system, select the Help button in the tool bar at the top of the Web Page. Select the ? at the top of the current Web Page to display the help topic for the Web Page you are currently viewing. Help topics are displayed inside a separate help system browser.

Select About to see version and copyright information. Select the link to display the main Web Page for the InfoPrint Solutions Company. From that page you can select Support and maintenance and then Manuals and publications to view printer publications, which are available in all languages. Additional links are provided to display the InfoPrint Publications Center for downloading PDFs and the InfoPrint Information Center, which provides viewing and searching capability for printer publications (in English only).

To close the Web Pages, select Logout.