Align Forms panel

Use the Align Forms panel to correctly align the forms. Before you align forms, make sure that your forms are correctly loaded through both printers.

Select Forms -> Align Forms to display this panel.

Select Printer 1 Aligned to begin the Align Forms process. Select Align Printer 2 to align Printer 2 with Printer 1 (prints an alignment page on Printer 1 and advances the page to Printer 2).

Use the paper advance (feed page) keys to eject one page in the selected printer or to eject the number of pages specified in the variable length NPRO field.

To see help information for the fields on this panel, select the field and press F1 on the keyboard or press and hold the left mouse button for two seconds. A help popup window displays detailed information about the selected field. Select the Help button to display a help topic for the panel. The help topic displays in a separate Help window inside a Help System viewer. Select the Alt+Tab key to toggle between the Help window and the operator console. Select the Alt+F4 key to close the Help window.