Snapshot panel

Use the Snapshot panel to:

A Snapshot is used to save or "take a picture" of all the printer settings and form settings that may affect how a print job is printed. Rather than entering configuration settings for each print job, use Snapshots to quickly load the settings you want to use for your normal print jobs. See Working with Snapshots for a list of form and printer settings that are saved in snapshots.

Select Frequent Tasks -> Snapshots to display this panel.

The Snapshot Loaded field shows the name of the Snapshot that is currently loaded and being used to print.

The name of the Snapshot that is currently loaded is also displayed in the Current Settings area on the Main touch panel.

The Saved Snapshots area lists the Snapshots you saved on the printer and the nine default Snapshots that are loaded on your printer. The four InfoPrint-named default Snapshots cannot be deleted. Select a Snapshot name to see a summary of the properties in the Summary window.

Select the Show Details... button to see a more detailed list of settings for the selected Snapshot.

Select the magnifying glass to see a summary of all Snapshots on your printer. From this window you can sort the Snapshots by field and search for specific Snapshots or Snapshot settings.

Select the wrench to open the Edit Snapshot window. From this window you can change values for one or more Snapshot settings and you can save your changed settings. See the Planning and Configuration Guide for more information about changing values in Snapshots.

Select Save current settings as... to save your current settings to a new Snapshot.

Select Load to load a previously saved Snapshot, which sets all the associated configuration values.

The printer must be stopped before this function can be performed.
Use the Load Configuration option (Maintenance -> Backup and Recovery) to load Snapshots from USB flash memory devices. You can use this function to copy Snapshots from one printer control unit to another.
To see help information for the fields on this panel, select the field and press F1 on the keyboard or press and hold the left mouse button for two seconds. A help popup window displays detailed information about the selected field. Select the Help button to display a help topic for the panel. The help topic displays in a separate Help window inside a Help System viewer. Select the Alt+Tab key to toggle between the Help window and the operator console. Select the Alt+F4 key to close the Help window.