Logon window

Use the Logon window to log onto the printer using either the general Operator, Administrator, or Service user ID or your unique user ID (if one is defined).

The Logon window initially lists the base access authority levels for Operator, Administrator, and Service. Using this window, printer administrators can change passwords, manage users, and create and view notes to other user IDs on the system network. Operators can change passwords and use the note functions.

Select the Logon button to display this window.

All users can select Change Password... to enter a new password or change an existing password for the current user.

  1. Passwords are not required; a user ID can be created with or without a password.
  2. To change a password for a user ID, you must be logged on with that user ID and the user ID cannot be the default login user ID.
  3. A user ID that has a password cannot be made the default login user ID.

Administrators can select Manage Users... to display the Manage Users window.

All users can use the notes functions. Select Create Notes... to display the Notes window, which allows you to type a note and send it to the specified user ID. The note displays immediately when that user ID logs in. Select View Notes... to view notes, reply to notes, or delete notes.

To see help information for the fields on this panel, select the field and press F1 on the keyboard or press and hold the left mouse button for two seconds. A help popup window displays detailed information about the selected field. Select the Help button to display a help topic for the panel. The help topic displays in a separate Help window inside a Help System viewer. Select the Alt+Tab key to toggle between the Help window and the operator console. Select the Alt+F4 key to close the Help window.