Checking the absorbent pad in the oil pan


Do this procedure weekly.

caution 70
  1. Open the stacker end cover.
    When the oiler- belt gate is opened, the fuser begins to cool down immediately, and the printer operator panel message changes to OILER GATE OPEN.
  2. Turn the wing nut counterclockwise to release the oiler-belt gate.
    turning the wing nut counterclockwise
  3. Place several layers of absorbent material, such as paper towels on the floor beneath the oiler-belt gate.
  4. Open the oiler-belt gate. Ensure that the gate is securely latched in the open position.
  5. Check to see if the absorbent pad is saturated with oil. If the pad is saturated, continue with the next step. If it is not saturated, go to step 16.
  6. Allow the printer to cool for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Lower the hot roll shield.
    lowering the hot roll shield
  8. Remove the new absorbent pad from the plastic shipping bag.
  9. Remove the oil pan from the oiler-belt frame as follows:
    1. Lift the oil pan (1) up about 1/4 inch until it clears the tabs (2) at the lower front of the oiler-belt frame.
    2. Slide the pan toward you to remove it.
      removing the oil pan
  10. Remove the saturated absorbent pad from the oil pan.
  11. Remove any debris from the pan and wipe out any excess oil.
  12. Place the saturated pad in the plastic shipping bag and discard the bag in an approved waste container.
  13. Install the new absorbent pad in the oil pan.
  14. Reinstall the oil pan into the oiler-belt frame as follows:
    1. Insert the oil pan into the frame so that the clips at the bottom of the pan (1) catch on the lower back support rod (2).
    2. Lower the pan into position so that it sits securely inside the tabs (3) at the lower edges of the oiler-belt frame.
    reinstalling the oil pan
  15. Raise the hot roll shield.
  16. Close the oiler-belt gate.
  17. Turn the wing nut clockwise to latch the gate. Ensure that the gate is firmly latched.
  18. Close the stacker end cover.
  19. The printer operator panel message may change to WARMING UP or PLEASE STAND BY.
  20. To resume processing, select Start on the printer operator panel or the Main touch panel.
    caution 85