Cleaning the oiler belt


Do this procedure at least once each week.

caution statement <70> The oiler belt, oiler wick roll, and their environments are high temperature areas. Be very careful when working in these areas.
  1. Press Stop on the printer operator panel or the Main touch panel for the affected printer.
  2. Open the end cover.
  3. Turn the wing nut counterclockwise to release the oiler gate.
    turning the wing nut counterclockwise
  4. Open the oiler-belt gate. Ensure that the gate is securely latched in the open position.
    opening the oiler-belt gate
  5. Allow the oiler belt to cool for at least 10 minutes.
  6. Lower the hot roll shield.
  7. Spread papers on the floor or place a wastebasket under the oiler belt.
  8. Use a piece of lightweight cardboard to scrape paper dust and paper chads from the oiler belt.
  9. Raise the hot roll shield.
  10. Close the oiler gate.
  11. Turn the wing nut clockwise to latch the gate. Ensure that the gate is firmly latched.
  12. Close the end cover.
  13. The fuser begins a warm-up cycle. Make the printer ready by pressing Start on the printer operator panel or the Main touch panel of the affected printer.
    caution 85
    Printing resumes when the fuser completes its warm-up cycle.