Changing the toner waste collector bag

You need the following items when you change the toner collector bag:


Do this procedure when you see the following message: 0785 CHANGE TONER COLLECTOR BAG.

You must do this task immediately. You cannot delay it as you can for some other Out of Supplies conditions. If you choose to perform this task prior to receiving the 0785 message, select the "New Toner Collector Installed" button from the Toner Fuel Gauge on the main panel to reset the waste bag counter.


Never reuse waste toner. Using it severely reduces print quality and may require repair of the printer.

  1. From the rear of the printer, open the cover as shown.
    opening the cover
  2. Lift the latch and remove the toner collector by pulling it toward you.
    turning the table lever
  3. Wipe the toner collector compartment with a cloth or paper towel to remove spilled toner.
  4. Place the toner waste collector bag in the toner collector housing. Make sure the bag is fully expanded.
  5. Firmly push the toner collector housing toward the printer.
  6. Place the wire on the hook and pull the latch down to secure the waste toner collector bag in place.
    raising the toner collector table
  7. Close the right rear cover of the printer.
  8. Select Start on the printer operator panel or the Main touch panel to resume processing.
    caution 85
  9. Discard the used toner waste collector bag. Use the adhesive label to seal the toner waste collector bag.