Adding a toner cartridge

You need the following items when you add a toner cartridge:


Do this procedure when you see either of these messages: 079C Toner Supply Low or 0786 Add Toner.

When Toner Supply Low appears, printing operations continue and you may add toner. Printing operations will continue until the printer runs out of toner, or only for another 5000 pages if Stop on Toner Low is set to "Yes". When the add Toner message appears, you must add toner before printing can resume.

  1. Open the right front cover of the printer and locate the toner cartridge (1).
    opening the right front printer cover
  2. Open a new toner carton. Remove the new toner cartridge and the cardboard tray.
    removing the toner cartridge from the carton
  3. Set the new toner cartridge aside.
  4. Tap the cartridge in the printer to loosen any toner still in the cartridge.
  5. Line up the cardboard tray (1) against the front edge of the toner hopper.
    line the cardboard with the front edge of toner hopper
  6. Open the latch (1) in front of the toner cartridge.
    opening the latch
  7. Pull the old cartridge out onto the cardboard tray. Be very careful not to spill the toner while removing the old cartridge.
    pulling old cartridge onto tray
  8. Set the old cartridge and cardboard tray aside for later disposal.
  9. Gently tilt the new toner cartridge from end-to-end to distribute the toner evenly inside of the cartridge.
  10. Insert the new toner cartridge into the toner hopper, making sure the tab of the seal is facing you. (The tab is the part of the seal that extends beyond the toner cartridge.)
    inserting new toner cartridge
  11. Fold the tab down.
  12. Close the toner cartridge latch (1).
    closing the toner cartridge latch
  13. Pull firmly on the tab while gently moving the seal in a side-to-side motion to loosen the seal from the cartridge.
    pull the tab of the cartridge seal
  14. Continue slowly pulling the seal straight out in a horizontal direction until it is almost removed from the toner cartridge.
    remove the cartridge seal
  15. Fold the seal in half (1), making sure to fold the toner side of the seal toward the inside (2), and then remove the seal.
    It may be necessary to pull the seal to one side in order to remove the end from the front part of the cartridge.
    fold the cartridge seal
  16. Fold or roll the folded seal and place it inside the empty toner cartridge.
  17. Place the old cartridge and cardboard tray into the toner carton and set it aside for disposal.
  18. Clean any spilled toner.
  19. Select the appropriate toner gauge on the Main touch panel.
  20. On the panel that appears, specify the amount of toner you added.
    The gauges on the printer show how much more you can print by using the information you specify.
  21. If the message Change Toner Collector BAG appears, change the toner collector bag. (This message does not appear every time you add a toner cartridge.)