Adding fuser oil

You need the following items when you add fuser oil:

Figure 95. Fuser oil bottle and plastic spout
Fuser oil bottle and plastic spout


Do this procedure when you see the 0792 ADD FUSER OIL or 079D OIL LEVEL LOW message.

You do not have to replace fuser oil the first time you see the ADD FUSER OIL message. To bypass the message, select Start on printer operator panel or on the Main touch panel.

The ADD FUSER OIL message reappears each time end-of-forms is reached, or every 4 000 feet of forms thereafter if you are using a roll-feed preprocessing device. When certain additional feet of forms have been processed since the message originally appeared, you must add fuser oil before you can return the printer to Ready status.


Using the wrong fuser oil causes print quality problems. Refer to the "Supplies Work Sheet" in Appendix A. Obtaining Supplies in the Planning and Configuration Guide for the correct part number.

  1. Open the center rear and left rear covers of the printer.
  2. Remove the cap from the oil reservoir. Put the cap in a safe place.
  3. Locate a bottle of fuser oil and a plastic spout. (Every new package should contain a bottle of fuser oil and a plastic spout.)
  4. Ensure that the spout is clean.
  5. Remove the bottle lid and the inner seal.
  6. Screw the spout onto the bottle of fuser oil.
  7. Bend the spout and carefully place it into the oil reservoir opening.

    When you add fuser oil, be careful to pour slowly. A filter in the reservoir restricts the flow of fuser oil.

  8. Tip the bottle to let the fuser oil drain into the oil reservoir.
    Tip bottle to let fuser oil drain into oil reservoir
  9. Remove the spout and put the lid on the bottle. If the bottle is empty, discard the bottle and the spout. If some oil remains, store the bottle and spout in a clean, dark place.
  10. Ensure that the oil reservoir cap is clean. Put the cap back in place.
  11. Close the center and left rear covers of the printer.
  12. Select the appropriate fuser oil gauge on the Main touch panel.
  13. On the panel that appears, specify the amount of fuser oil you added.

    The gauges on the printer show how much more you can print by using the information you specify. It is important to specify how much fuser oil you add.

  14. To resume processing, select Start on the printer operator panel or on the Main touch panel.
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