Cleaning the transfer station area


Do this procedure to clean the transfer station area.


Cleaning is not required behind the transfer station because the photoconductive drum is easily damaged.

caution statement <71> The tractor covers are spring-loaded and can pinch if they snap shut unexpectedly.
  1. Open the lower tractor covers.
  2. Vacuum the lower tractor pins to remove forms dust and debris.
  3. Close the lower tractor covers.
  4. Open the upper tractor covers.
  5. Use a soft cloth to clean the upper tractor jam sensor (1) and the glass window under the upper front tractor cover. If necessary, use a pencil eraser to remove any forms residue.
  6. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris around the upper tractor pins.
  7. Close the upper tractor covers.
  8. Clean the static discharge brush on the transfer station, which is located near the tension arm.
  9. To clean the transfer corona, do the following:

    There is no device to prevent you from pulling out the coronas. Be careful not to break the thin wires and tiny retractor springs inside the corona.

    1. Open the transfer station, and tilt it away from the photoconductive drum.
    2. Gently pull the white corona (the shaded area in the illustration) toward you until it is almost out of its track. A brush inside the corona housing cleans the corona.
    3. Gently push the corona back into place. Make sure that the corona is pushed in completely.
    4. Gently push the transfer station toward the photoconductive drum and latch it using the Transfer Station Control Lever.
  10. Close the center top and center front covers of the printer.