Cleaning the developer area


Do this procedure to clean the developer area. Use this procedure when your printer does not have the customer-replaceable corona wires installed.

  1. Open the right front cover of the printer.
  2. To clean each corona (preclean, precharge, and charge), do the following:
    There is no device to prevent you from pulling out the coronas. Be careful not to break the thin wires and tiny retractor springs inside the corona.
    1. Pull each white corona (the shaded areas in the illustration) toward you until it is almost out of its track. A brush inside the corona housing cleans the corona as you pull it out and then push it back in.
    2. Gently push each corona back into place. Make sure that the corona is pushed in completely.
  3. Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe away any paper dust, toner, or other debris from the developer area.
  4. Close the right front cover of the printer. Lift the cover hinge bar and slide the bar toward the printer.
    Lift the cover hinge bar
    The printer right front door must be completely closed whenever the printer is running. Light entering the printer can significantly reduce print quality.