About forms and forms path

Form refers to pages on which the printer can print. Forms can be blank paper, preprinted paper, cards, or any other printable material, that meets the required specifications. Paper is a specific fiber-based material used for forms.

The term forms path refers to the entire route that forms travel while they are being processed. The forms path begins in the forms input area and ends in the forms exit area.

For simplicity, Figure 1 shows the general forms path when a printer is used for simplex printing and is using boxed fan-fold forms.

Figure 1. Forms path through an InfoPrint 4100 printer engine
forms path through an IP 4100 printer engine

  1. Tractors
  2. Transfer station
  3. Printhead
  4. Toner
  5. Developer
  6. Power supply
  7. Forms input area
  8. Forms exit area
  9. Scuff rolls
  10. Backup roll
  11. Fuser
  12. Hot roll
  13. Preheat platen

Note the following differences when a printer runs in simplex mode, uses forms from a preprocessing device, and has a postprocessing device installed and enabled:

Note the following differences when you use a printer for duplex printing: