Clearing the forms path in the Stacker and Pendulum areas


Do this procedure to clear a forms jam from the Stacker and Pendulum areas.

  1. Open the stacker gate.
  2. Ensure that the forms are folding correctly. That is, the forms stack should lie flat (without bowing between forms).
  3. Ensure that the Forms Set indicator on the printer control panel is set to match the fold direction of the fold perforation that is on the lower transfer station tractors.
  4. Separate the forms at the perforation near the top of the stacker. Save as much of the output as possible. Work with the host system console operator to recover any lost pages.
  5. Unload forms from the stacker.
    When you remove the forms from the stacker, leave 4 to 5 pages attached to the end of the job running in the stacker to ensure correct forms folding when printing resumes. .
  6. Ensure that the correct forms length and width are selected at the stacker panel.
  7. If you receive a message when no forms appear jammed, clean the six stacker jam sensors and the two mirrors with a soft dry cloth.