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Aligning tractored forms

The printer aligns forms when you select Start, however at times you will need to align forms manually. Select this task when you load forms in duplex mode or when you receive an error in the Operator Messages area of the Main touchscreen panel.

Figure 72. Align Forms panel (Forms -> Align Forms)
Align Forms panel (Forms -> Align Forms)
If you select Close on the panel, the Align Forms panel closes with no actions taken.
  1. If the forms are not aligned, a message will appear on the touchscreen panel in the Operator Messages area that says Forms alignment required. Select the message and it will take you to the Align Forms panel.
  2. The printer can align itself in duplex mode if you receive a Forms Alignment Required error. It will align itself as the job is printed. Nothing happens initially when you select Start. If you are going to use this auto-align function make sure that Printer 1 is aligned and that the forms are draped correctly between the printers. The following restrictions apply:

All the controls you need to accomplish this procedure are available on the touchscreen panels. Some controls are also available on the printer operator panels.

  1. Proper completion of this task is important to ensure that Printer 2 prints side 2 pages correctly opposite the side 1 pages that were printed by Printer 1.
  2. Side 2 Verify functionality prints verification marks on side 1 and then reads those marks in Printer 2 to ensure that side 1 is aligned with side 2.
  3. You can print numbers next to the verification marks on both sides of the pages by using the Side Verify Page Numbers item on the Printer Setup panel. You can then visually inspect these marks to ensure that sides 1 and 2 of the forms are properly synchronized. Refer to Verifying synchronized duplex printing and the "Printer Configuration Items" table in the Planning and Configuration Guide for more information.

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