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Adjusting the printer for new forms

Now that you have fed the new forms through the printer, it is time to adjust the printer for the new forms. By adjusting the printer for the new forms after feeding them through the printers, you can avoid receiving error messages associated with the change.

  1. Use the Tractor Control Knob to adjust the tractors close the correct width. Use the scale just to the left of the tractor covers.
  2. If your new forms are tractored, locate the red line on the lower tractor. Place the forms on the tractor pins so that the form edge is as close as possible to the red line without covering it. If necessary, use the Tractor Control Knob to adjust the distance between the front and rear tractors: When the tractors are adjusted correctly, a sheet of forms should drop easily onto the tractor pins and lay flat. The pins should be centered in the tractor holes, without binding. Verify that the forms are aligned correctly on the tractor pins.
  3. If you are using tractorless paper, adjust the tractorless feeding unit (drive roller, pressure roller, and vacuum belt unit slots (1)) to the same position according to the following:
  4. Adjust all tractor units. To adjust a unit, press the blue button (5) while grasping the unit and sliding it to the correct position.
    1. Make sure the tractor slot (2) is in the correct position. Position (3) is tractorless feed mode and position (4) is tractor feed mode.
    2. The following graphic shows the Infoprint 4100 Models HD1/2, HS2, and HD3/4. The Infoprint 4000 models look slightly different.
  5. If you are using tractored paper, leave the roller (3) in the open (tractored) position. If you are using tractorless paper, swing the roller into the closed (tractorless) position.
  6. Close the gate (5).
  7. Engage the tractorless pressure roller (6) if you are using tractorless forms or disengage it if you are using tractored forms.
  8. Ensure that the forms are aligned correctly and the printer is adjusted properly.