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Loading forms--auto load (duplex mode)

The printers are designed to have forms loaded through the printers and the Buffer/Flipper Unit by the combined use of the Auto Load function and the Forms -> Align Forms touchscreen procedure.

This section provides step-by-step instructions for forms threading in duplex printing applications. Loading forms--auto load (dual simplex mode) contains instructions for automatic loading of an individual printer. Loading forms--semiautomatic load (dual simplex mode) contains instructions for loading forms manually in simplex printing applications.

When you use this procedure you are requested to follow all of the steps in the Loading forms--auto load (dual simplex mode) procedure on Printer 1, and part of Aligning tractored forms on Printer 2.

You must use both the facilities under the printer covers and the touchscreen panels to accomplish this task. All messages that you respond to while you do this task appear on both the touchscreen panels and on the operator panel of the affected printer. Also, some controls that you need to use are available on both the touchscreen panels and the printer operator panels, while some are available only on the touchscreen panels.

This procedure describes using boxed, continuous forms that are loaded at the input area of Printer 1 and threaded through to the output stacker of Printer 2. If preprocessing and/or postprocessing devices are used with the printers, steps involving the continuous forms source and final destination are different from what is described here. Because each preprocessing and postprocessing device is unique, specific instructions for the initial loading steps from a preprocessing device ahead of Printer 1 and for forms handling in a postprocessing device behind Printer 2 are available from the individual pre/postprocessing device providers.

Do this task in the following situations:

<72> As you load forms, be careful to avoid injuries:

The tractor covers are spring-loaded and can pinch if they snap shut unexpectedly.

Moving forms, especially between the transfer station and the fuser entry area, can cause severe paper cuts.

  1. Ensure that both Printer 1 and Printer 2 are in the Not Ready state before you start this task.
  2. Follow all steps in the Loading forms--auto load (dual simplex mode) procedure to auto load Printer 1. During this procedure you assign the form to be loaded.

    You now have forms in the stacker area of Printer 1.

  3. Follow the Aligning tractored forms or the Aligning tractorless forms procedure. You must complete the loading of paper in Printer 2 and align forms in that procedure.