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At the printer control panel (tractored forms)

  1. Press the Auto Load - Load key on the printer control panel to start the automatic loading process.
    This procedure is for tractored forms. If you are loading tractorless forms and the damper kit is installed, Auto Load controls will not be available on the printer control panel. Go to At the printer control panel (tractorless forms or no Auto Load controls).

    The automatic loading process does the following:

    If forms jam during auto load, see Forms jams.
  2. Ensure that the tension arm is aligned correctly. The mark on the tension arm (1) should be visible in the notch in the transfer station frame. See Checking the tension arm.
  3. At the transfer station, ensure that the perforation is aligned with the correct forms length (stacker length setting). For example, forms that are 11 inches long should be aligned so that the perforation is at the 11-inch mark. Remember that whether you use the stacker or not and the form length is:
    The figure illustrates the Infoprint 4000. If you have the Infoprint 4100, the ruler is at the front of the printer.
  4. If the perforation is not aligned correctly, do the following:
    Hold the tension arm down so that it stays aligned with the blue mark on the guide notch while you do the following steps. Otherwise, the 079A CHECK TENSION ARM message appears when you turn on the forms path vacuum, and you must do the Check Tension Arm procedure.
    1. Press the vacuum push button. The Vacuum-Off warning indicator flashes and then stays lit.
    2. Use the Forms Feed Forward key on the printer control panel to adjust the position of the perforation (see About the printer control panel). Only the Forward key works with the tension arm held down. Adjust the perforation forward as far as necessary.
    3. Press the vacuum push button. The Vacuum-Off warning indicator flashes and then stays off.
  5. Ensure that the Forms Set indicator on the printer control panel is set to match the fold direction of the fold on the transfer station lower tractors. If it is not, press the correct Forms Set key.
    This step is required only if you are using fan-fold forms, and the forms are going to the stacker.
  6. Continue to At the printer.