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Working with forms

Viewing Snapshots
Sorting and searching Snapshots
Loading a Snapshot
Saving changes to Snapshots
Saving a new Snapshot
Deleting a Snapshot
Restoring Snapshot settings from diskette
Loading forms--auto load (dual simplex mode)
At the touchscreen or the printer operator panel
At the printer forms input area
At the touchscreen
At the stacker control panel
At the printer control panel (tractored forms)
At the printer control panel (tractorless forms or no Auto Load controls)
At the printer
At the touchscreen or the printer control panel
Loading forms--auto load (duplex mode)
Loading forms without manual reload--auto load (duplex mode)
Feeding new forms through the printer
Adjusting the printer for new forms
Loading the correct forms settings
Loading forms--semiautomatic load (dual simplex mode)
Checking the tension arm
Adjusting the upper and lower tension arm springs on the Infoprint 4000
Adjusting the lower tension arm spring for the Infoprint 4100
Splicing forms on the Infoprint 4000
Splicing forms on the Infoprint 4100
Splicing tractorless forms
Aligning tractored forms
Forms loaded through both printers
Forms are not loaded in Printer 2
Forms are broken between the printers
Aligning tractorless forms
Threading the Buffer/Flipper Unit (duplex)
Straight line configuration
Left angle configuration
Setting print registration
Using the NPRO function to advance forms
NPRO procedure
NPRO Advance One Page procedure
Checking for a front-facing page
Checking forms alignment
Checking print quality
Engine print balancing procedure
Balancing print contrast between Printer 1 and Printer 2
Balancing print boldness between Printer 1 and Printer 2
Unloading the stacker
Using the printer stacker with a postprocessor
Verifying synchronized duplex printing