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Loading configuration from diskette

To save printer configuration settings onto a backup diskette:

  1. Insert a diskette into the diskette drive in the control unit.
  2. Select Maintenance -> Diskette Operations.
  3. Select Create Recovery Diskette.

You can now restore configuration settings to your machine from the backup configuration diskette. You can also transfer configuration settings between machines. To restore or transfer settings, such as Snapshots, User Settings, and so forth, from diskette, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Maintenance -> Diskette Operations.
  2. Select Load Configuration.
  3. Select the configuration items you want to read from the configuration diskette.
  4. Select OK. You see the New Configuration window, which identifies the items that are different from your current configuration settings.

    You may receive a message warning you that the configuration items you are looking for are not found or that they are not valid. Not found messages report the number of configuration items you selected that cannot be found on the diskette. Not valid messages report the number of configuration items found on the diskette but that do not have valid values.

    Select Summary to see a preview list of pending changes. Items not found are specified with - - -, while invalid items are specified with xxx. Select Close to exit the summary.

  5. Select from the following options:
  6. Select OK.