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Managing and defining new users

You can create new user identities.

  1. On the touchscreen, select Logon to display the Logon panel.
  2. On the Logon panel, select Manage Users. You see the Defined Users window, which lists all users that are defined and visible to the current user. For example, if you are logged in as Administrator, all users who are subsets of the Administrator and Operator access levels will be visible in the list.
  3. To add a new user:
    1. Select New User.... You see the New User window, which lets you specify a new user name and the base access for the user.
    2. Enter the new user name in the Name field. Select a base access level from the Base Access list. Select OK to save your changes or Cancel to quit without saving your changes.
  4. To specify a subset of functions for the new user:
    1. Select the user name from the Defined Users list.
    2. Select User Functions. You see the User Functions window, which displays all functions that are available to the user, depending on the base access level you selected.
    3. For functions that you do not want the user to access, select the functions from the Functions list and use the arrows to add those functions to the Functions Unavailable to 'User' list. Then select Close.

      You can also use the arrows to remove items from the Functions Unavailable to 'User' list.

  5. To manage users in other ways:
    1. Make the user the default login after a reboot by selecting the check box next to Default User, which will change to Yes.
      There cannot be a password if you make a user the default logon.
    2. Select a console display language for each user by selecting a Language from the list.
      Select Default if you do not want to override the language set in Printer Definition -> Printer -> Basic.
    3. Customize two hot buttons for each user that will display on the Main panel. Select the panel you want the hot button to take you to.
  6. Select OK when you have customized the settings on this panel.