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Changing access levels and passwords

This procedure lets you set the authorization level of the person working on the printer and change the user authorization password. Access to higher user authorization levels is protected by a password. If the current password is not known, access to the requested user authorization level is denied.

  1. On the touch panel, select Logon to display the Logon panel.
  2. On the Logon panel, select the User ID that you want to change and select OK.

    If you are changing to a higher level of authorization, the Change Password window displays. Enter the password and select OK.

    If you have created individual user identifications (see Managing and defining new users), a list of users is displayed. Select the user you want from the list and select OK. This either logs you on as the user or displays the Change Password window. Enter the password and select OK.

  3. To change a password:
    1. Select Change Password. You see the Change Password window.
    2. Enter the new password twice and select OK to change the password.

      If you decide not to change the password, select Cancel.