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Authorization levels

The different levels of authorization are:

Initial Operation

When the printers are shipped from the factory, they are set for the Administrator user authorization level. This makes all procedures except service-related activities available. The factory-set password is empty. That is, if you change the user level to the Operator level and then want to go back to the Administrator level, simply select OK on the password panel when it appears. You do not need to enter any data.

If you want to maintain an Administrator authorization level, IBM recommends that you establish a new password for the Administrator when the installation of the system is complete. If you treat all operators as administrators, then leave the current "all blanks" password as it is. When the printer is powered on and there is an Administrator password you are logged on as Operator. If there is no password you are logged on as Administrator.

If the current Administrator password is forgotten or lost, the system accepts a fixed, alternate password for that level. Obtain this alternate password from your system administrator.

You can create new user or operator identities. See Managing and defining new users for more details. This allows you to customize the functions that individual users have authority to perform. The capability to manage users is available by default to the Administrator and Service authorization levels.