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Configuring e-mail traces

  1. Either TCP/IP ethernet or TCP/IP token ring must be installed and enabled before you can use e-mail trace. See Infoprint 4000/4100 Planning and Configuration Guide for information about configuring these attachments.
  2. After configuring the printer for e-mail traces, you must select to save traces when the problem occurs and then you can e-mail the trace data to the selected mail destination. See Running traces for instructions on running traces and e-mailing your trace data.

To configure the printer so that you can e-mail trace data to a specified mail destination, you must specify e-mail settings as follows:

  1. Select Printer Definition -> Remote Access.
  2. Select the E-mail tab.
  3. Select the check box for Enable E-mail to set it to Yes.
  4. Check with your LAN administrator for the correct settings and enter those settings for each of the following fields:
  5. The default mail destination is, which is the Printing Systems Division Printer Service Machine that saves e-mail traces. You can change the default by entering a different name in Mail Destination. All names that you enter here can be selected from a drop-down list when you select to e-mail the trace data.
  6. When you have made all the changes, select OK.