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The Enhanced Operator Console

The touchscreen allows you to touch a button, tab, or graphic on the touchscreen or to use the the mouse or the keyboard. Using the touchscreen is discussed in detail in this chapter.

Much of the function will be greyed out on the touchscreen when the printer is Ready. In order to perform these tasks you will have to Stop the printer and then make it Ready again when you have completed the task by selecting Start.

The Main panel of the printer console shows a graphic of the printing system with any pre/postprocessors attached to the system, panels that give information about the printing system, tabs for viewing additional information and selecting other tasks, and buttons for operating the system.

Touching any of the components in the graphic displays a window that gives information about that component. For example, touching the printer graphic displays a window that shows the detailed status for the printer. Touching a gauge displays a panel that allows you to specify that you've added a consumable or supply, such as toner or fuser oil. In addition, if either printer is in an error state or has a warning message posted, the graphic for that printer will change color.

Help is provided for most of the printer console panels that you will view or use. To read the "Overview" and "How to" information, select Help on the panel you are viewing. You can alternate between the printer console and the help screens by selecting ALT+Tab. When you have a question about what to type or select for a field, select the field and press F1 on the keyboard or press and hold the left mouse button for 2 seconds. Some of the printer console panels appear only when you are logged on as an administrator.

Figure 25. The Enhanced Printer Console Main Panel
The Enhanced Printer Console Main Panel