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About the stacker area

The printed and fused forms leave the fuser area and are refolded in the stacker area. About the stacker control panel describes the stacker panel in detail.

The pendulum is inside the stacker area, above the stacker table. The swinging of the pendulum helps forms to refold correctly.

The stacker control panel is just above the stacker. It contains controls for setting form width, form length, and stacker table position.

Figure 20. Stacker area
Stacker area
  1. Stacker control panel
  2. Stacker end cover
  3. Stacker table
  4. Pendulum
  5. Finger belts
  6. Stacker gate (open)

About the stacker control panel

Figure 21. Infoprint 4000 stacker control panel
Infoprint 4000 stacker control panel
Figure 22. Infoprint 4100 stacker control panel
Infoprint 4100 stacker control panel
Using This Control: Does This:

Increases or decreases the stacker width setting. The FORMS WIDTH lever should be set to the position that corresponds to the forms width shown on the stacker LED display (14.0 in the above illustration).

FORMS LENGTH Displays the current form length and lets you adjust it. The above illustration shows a forms-length setting of 82/3. To use the stacker, set the FORMS LENGTH on the Stacker Control Panel between 7 and 14, or 17 inches.

If you are not using the stacker, you must still set the forms length properly to allow Auto Load to function properly. See Loading forms--auto load (dual simplex mode) for more information.

Moves the stacker table up.
Stops the stacker table.
Moves the stacker table down.
Makes the printer ready to print. When you press this key, all other keys except Stop are disabled.
Stops printing and makes the printer Not Ready.
When you use this button to stop printing, you must restart printing from the same operator panel.