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Removing the teflon mat and wear strip assembly

Do this task when the teflon mat or wear strip show obvious signs of wear or damage, or you start getting offset on prints, or when the teflon mat assembly is not needed for the type of form you are running.

Printer 1 and printer 2 must be powered off before you start this task.

  1. Shut down and power off the system.
  2. Remove all forms from printer 2.
  3. Open the center and top covers of the printer.
  4. Open the back cover, the stacker gate and stacker door, and the oiler gate to allow the air flow to help cool down the preheat platen.
    <60> High temperature. Let parts cool at least 30 minutes in this area before handling.
  5. To remove the assembly:
    <2-24> Sharp edges exist in this area.
  6. Power on the system.
  7. Reload the forms. See "Working with Forms" for loading instructions.
  8. Close the center and top covers, the back door, the stacker gate and stacker door, and the oiler gate.
  9. Set the preheat temperature back to the default value (Printer Definition -> Print Quality).
  10. Select Start on the printer operator panel or on the Main touchscreen panel for the affected printer.
    <85>For printers with microcode levels, version 11.6.128 and higher, both printers and attached pre and postprocessing equipment can be started from the main panel of the printer console and the printer operator panels. Visually assure that no other personnel are working on the system before starting the system.