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Preheat Platen Teflon Mat (RPQ 8B5023)

The Preheat Platen Teflon Mat (RPQ 8B5023) feature provides a teflon mat that helps prevent a build up of toner, ink, and other substances on the preheat platen. Included with this feature is a wear strip that can improve the life of the teflon mat. In some applications, the wear strip may cause fusing problems. If this is a problem, you can remove the wear strip.

This feature applies to Infoprint 4100 Model HD4. The teflon mat and wear strip are installed only in printer 2 in a duplex system.

Do this task when the teflon mat shows obvious signs of wear or damage, or you start getting offset on prints.

You need the following items when you install or change the teflon mat and wear strip on the Infoprint 4100:

Refer to the "IBM Supplies Work Sheet" in Appendix A. Obtaining Supplies of the Planning and Configuration Guide for the correct part numbers for these supplies.