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Using the Infoprint Manager Operations GUI from the printer console

Once this feature is installed and enabled, the Infoprint Manager button will display on the Frequent Tasks panel and you can start the Operations GUI.

To start the Operations GUI from the printer console:

  1. Select Frequent Tasks -> Infoprint Manager.
  2. Select Infoprint Manager.
  3. On the Logon panel, enter the following to log onto the AIX server where Infoprint Manager is installed:

The Operations GUI displays on the printer console, overlaying the Enhanced Operator Console. You can use the printer console panels and the GUI at the same time by toggling between them using the Alt-Tab keys. You should use the keyboard rather than the touchscreen when selecting actions in the GUI.

To close the Operations GUI, select the - button in the upper left-hand corner of the GUI window and then select Close from the drop-down list. Closing the GUI on the printer console also closes the program on the AIX server.