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Stacker Basket Feature (FC 4775)

Use the Stacker Basket feature when you are printing jobs in simplex mode. The basket catches 17" forms.

  1. Raise the stack height knob to the highest position.
  2. Set the forms length to 17 inches.
  3. Lower the stacker table (3) to the lowest position.
  4. Open the stacker gate (6).
  5. Install the upper paper guard (4). It acts as a paper weight, compacting the output from the printer.
    1. Loosen the thumb screws (2) inside the stacker unit.
    2. Line the holes (5) in the guard up with the knobs and place the guard on the printer.
    3. Tighten the thumb screws to be sure that the paper guard is aligned straight within the unit.
  6. Install the basket (1) on the base of the stacker tray.
    1. Line the hooks (3) up with the slots at the base of the stacker tray bar.
    2. Insert the basket at a 45° angle, placing the hooks through the slots in the bar.
    3. Lay the basket down. The weight of the basket holds it in place.
  7. Install the stacker cover (1) in the stacker gate (2) by snapping it into place.