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Forms Identification (Barcode) Feature (FC 4464)

The Forms Identification (Barcode) feature, also known as Form Barcode, verifies that the form with the pre-printed barcode you are loading matches the description of the form you select on the Forms -> Form Settings panel. If the barcode on the leading edge of the form does not match the barcode specified in the Snapshot, an error message appears on the touchscreen.

A sensor in Printer 1 checks the barcode as the form is loaded. If you are using barcode forms in both printers in dual simplex mode, Printer 2 also has a sensor to verify the barcode.

The Form Barcode field on the Forms -> Form Settings window can be used for the decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal form barcode. By doing this, forms with pre-printed barcodes can still be used for printing if it becomes necessary to temporarily stop using the Form Barcode feature. However, IBM recommends that you disable the Form Barcode feature only as a temporary solution to a problem. For more information on this, see Disabling Form Barcode Checking.