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Threading the densitometer unit

The densitometer unit is located after Printer 2 in a Duplex Printing System. You must thread forms through it manually.

To thread the densitometer unit, do the following:

  1. Ensure that the printers are in the Not Ready state.
  2. Ensure that the densitometer unit stand is no more than 46 cm (18 in.) from Printer 2 and is perfectly aligned with Printer 2.

    The service representative who installed the densitometer unit probably put some marks on the floor to ensure correct placement of the unit.

  3. Open the top cover of the densitometer unit stand.
  4. Ensure that the densitometer unit sensors are "parked" in the home position at the rear of the densitometer stand, away from the forms path. Figure 114 shows the upper sensor (1) and the lower sensor (2) in their home positions.
  5. Feed enough forms through Printer 2 to thread the forms completely through the densitometer unit.
  6. Thread the forms under the lower roller. Ensure that the forms are touching the front collars.

    The guide collars on the roller bars were properly adjusted when the unit was installed. Adjustments by you are probably not necessary, even if you are threading a form with a different width than you previously threaded. When the forms are under tension and moving through the unit, they run up against the front collars.


    Do not adjust the front collars. These collars were set at the factory, and they must stay aligned with mechanisms in the scuff roll unit.

    If the front collars need resetting, contact your service representative.

  7. Move the forms up and over the upper roller and into the opening in the densitometer unit stand.
  8. Thread the forms below the upper sensor rails and above the lower sensor rails.
  9. Pull the forms over the exit roller and out through the opening in the densitometer unit stand.
  10. With one hand, move the scuff roll handle towards the densitometer unit stand while you thread the forms between the scuff roll with the other hand.
  11. Continue with the normal threading and printing operations.

    Leave the densitometer unit sensors parked at the rear of the densitometer stand until you are ready to run density tests.


Vacuum the entire densitometer unit after each shift.