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Inline Densitometer for Low Resolution Printers Feature (FC 4833)

The Inline Densitometer semiautomatically adjusts the printers of a duplex system so that the optical density is the same on facing pages of a duplex document. Optical density is the measurement of how black the print is. The Inline Densitometer is called the densitometer unit in this document.

The densitometer unit is located after Printer 2 in a Duplex Printing System.

To establish the density target that is used when the densitometer system operates, you first initiate a Run/Measure procedure. This measures the darkness level of printing from Printer 1.

Once this value is set, you use the Measure/Adjust procedure. This adjusts the contrast setting for each printer to the print darkness value that was established by the Measure to Save procedure. The print darkness target remains set until you do the Measure to Save procedure again to reset the target. Boldness settings are not affected.