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About the splicing table

The splice lever (4), moveable rear guide pins (2), tape slot (3), and static brush (1) are on the splicing table (5) in the input area. Splicing forms together allows a job to continue with a new supply of the same type forms without reloading any forms.

Figure 14. Infoprint 4000 splicing table
Infoprint 4000 splicing table
Figure 15. Infoprint 4100 splicng table
Infoprint 4100 splicng table
Using This Control: Does This:
Splice Lever (Vacuum Control) Activates the splicing table vacuum. When the splice lever is down, vacuum is present, which holds splicing tape and forms on the splicing table. When the splice lever is up, no vacuum is present on the splicing table.
Moveable Rear Guide Pins Hold rear tractor holes of forms during splicing. You can change the position of these guide pins to match the form size, as indicated by the form-width measurements marked on the splicing table.
Tape Slot Holds splicing tape in place during splicing. When the splice lever is down, the splicing table vacuum holds the splicing tape on the slot.