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Adjusting print density

To use the densitometer unit, do the following:

  1. Ensure that no print jobs are running.
  2. Disable any attachments.
  3. Select the 'density test' form that matches the width of the forms currently loaded in the printer.
  4. Perform the thread/align procedure for 22-inch forms. This produces a dashed line at 14 inches, which should be aligned with the 14-inch point of the scale for the correct alignment of the 22-inch form.
  5. Ensure that the forms are correctly threaded through the densitometer unit and that the densitometer stand is perfectly aligned with Printer 2 (see Threading the densitometer unit).
  6. Slide the upper sensor towards the front of the unit until it stops against its reference stop. Use the pull chain knob to move the lower sensor.

    For the read position, move the knob so that it aligns with the correct scale position for the appropriate form width. Figure 113 shows the upper sensor (3) and the lower sensor (4) in read positions.

  7. Select Maintenance -> Densitometer.

    The Densitometer window appears showing the current Boldness and Contrast settings.

  8. Select Measure/Adjust to begin the checking process.

    Alternating pop-up windows display Measuring printer densities... and Printing in progress..., both with Cancel buttons. Before test patterns are printed, the printers print up to 200 11-inch pages to ensure that the printing process is working correctly. The number of pretest pages that are printed depends on how long the printers have been idle.

    When these pretest pages have been run, the printer begins printing the densitometer test pattern for 40 to 60 pages, depending on the configuration and spacing of the printers. The upper densitometer unit sensor checks the printing done by Printer 2. The lower sensor checks the printing done by Printer 1, which is offset from the Printer 2 test pattern.

    After several test patterns have printed, the printers stop. If the optical density is not within specification the printer will automatically perform an internal adjustment, and begin printing again. This may occur several times until the adjustments result in the target optical density.

  9. When the measuring process is complete, the Densitometer window displays the recommended changes to the Boldness and Contrast settings for each printer.
  10. To save the changes for future printing, select OK or select Cancel to end the test and keep the original settings.

When you have completed the density adjustment procedure, return the upper and lower densitometer sensors back to the home position at the rear of the densitometer stand, away from the forms (see Figure 113, items (1) and (2)). Do not leave the sensors in their read positions during normal printing, as this can damage the sensors.