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Installing the developer

  1. Align the cart (5) with the printer and push it forward to engage it. Align the rails on the cart with the rails of the developer frame in the printer.
  2. Raise the cart top by turning the handle (6) clockwise until it stops. The cart will now be locked to the printer frame.
  3. Pull and hold the safety latch (8) on the front of the developer cart.
  4. Grasp the handle on the developer and push it forward slowly onto the developer rails in the printer, until it is all the way back in the developer frame.
  5. Lower the top of the cart, by turning the handle (6) counterclockwise, until it stops.
  6. Press the foot release pedal (7) down and pull the cart away from the printer.
  7. Using the blue arrows to correctly align the developer communications cable, connect the cable (4) to the connector on the front of the developer.
  8. On the Infoprint 4000:
    1. Replace the drum cover (3) by aligning the holes and tightening the blue thumbscrew (2) .
    2. Close the developer gate (1), on the front of the developer.
  9. On the Infoprint 4100:
    1. Close and latch the drum cover (3) by turning the handle (2) counter clockwise.
  10. Push up on the scavenger roll tab (1), so it is in the vertical position.
  11. Close the right front cover of the printer.
  12. Select OK and then Check/Reset on the touchscreen.