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Appendix. Features

Move Mark Forms Feature (RPQ 8B3964)
Mark Perforation on Perfless Paper Feature (RPQ 8B3965)
Enabling long forms
Signature Page Feature (FC 8B4053)
No forms size error checking
Changing the Customer Changeable Developer (CCD)
Removing the developer
Installing the developer
Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) CCD
Using the Infoprint 4000/4100 to print MICR documents
Setting up the printer for printing with MICR toner
MICR fonts
MICR format requirements
Amount field, Positions 1-12
On-us field, positions 14-31
Transit field, positions 33-43
External process control field, position 44 (optional)
Auxiliary on-us field, positions 45-65 (optional)
MICR quality control
Quality control tools
MICR quality and format verification
Sampling frequency
Vertical registration
Horizontal registration
Clear band area
Inline Densitometer for High Resolution Printers Feature (FC 4832)
Threading the densitometer unit
Adjusting the upper tension arm spring
Adjusting print density
Inline Densitometer for Low Resolution Printers Feature (FC 4833)
Threading the densitometer unit
Adjusting print density
Measuring density
Forms Identification (Barcode) Feature (FC 4464)
Defining a form barcode
Loading pre-printed barcode forms
Barcode Structure
Hexadecimal Values
Barcode Size and Placement
Cleaning the Forms Barcode Sensor
Problem resolution
Disabling Form Barcode Checking
Stacker Basket Feature (FC 4775)
Using highlight color with the Infoprint 4000 and Infoprint 4100
Aligning the printhead
Considering print registration
Planning the application
Designing the document
Example of highlight color application: OUTBACK
Application considerations
Page synchronization
System software support differences
Threading the printer (side 1 to side 1)
Straight line configuration (side 1 to side side 1)
Left angle configuration (side 1 to side 1)
H-configuration (side 1 to side 1)
Universal Printer Pre- and Postprocessing Interface (UP3I) (FC 4730)
Adjusting the paper guides for lightweight paper
Infoprint Manager Operations for AIX on the Enhanced Operator Console Feature (FC 4560)
Enabling the TCP/IP attachment
Using the Infoprint Manager Operations GUI from the printer console
Preheat Platen Teflon Mat (RPQ 8B5023)
Installing the teflon mat and wear strip
Removing the teflon mat and wear strip assembly