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Adding toner bottles (Infoprint 4000)


Using the wrong toner or developer mix causes serious print quality problems and forces a service call.

Refer to the "IBM Supplies Work Sheet" in Appendix A. Obtaining Supplies of the Planning and Configuration Guide for the correct part numbers.

Do this task when you see either of these messages: 079C Toner Supply Low or 0786 Add Toner. With either message, add two bottles of toner. Do not switch power off to the printer during this procedure.

When Toner Supply Low appears, printing operations continue and you may add toner. This message appears while an additional 800 feet of forms (about 3.5 minutes depending on the operating speed) are processed. Then the message changes to Add Toner and printing stops. When the Add Toner message appears, you must add toner before printing can resume.
Operator Tips
Figure 101. Toner bottle
Toner bottle

You need the following items when you add toner:

This procedure illustrates the Customer changeable developer. The standard developer looks slightly different.
  1. Open the right front cover of the printer.
  2. Lower the toner catch door (6) on the front of the developer.
  3. To remove the Toner Inlet cap, rotate it counterclockwise until the cover unlocks.
  4. Wipe the Toner Inlet cap to remove any excess toner, and put it in a safe place.
  5. Rotate the Toner Inlet 120° counterclockwise (one-third of a turn to the left). Excess toner may spill out of the Toner Inlet.
  6. Locate two new bottles of toner.

    Do not add more than two bottles of toner.

    To prevent damage to the printer, never reuse waste toner. Never put anything other than new toner in the toner inlet.

  7. Ensure that the toner bottle cap is attached securely. Shake the bottle several times to loosen the toner.
  8. Remove the toner bottle cap.
  9. To attach the toner bottle to the Toner Inlet:
    1. Align the triangle on the toner bottle to the triangle on the Toner Inlet.
    2. Insert the bottle neck into the Toner Inlet opening.
    3. Push up on the bottle and rotate it clockwise until the bottle is locked securely in the inlet.

      The wide side of the bottle is now parallel to the printer.

  10. Rotate the Toner Inlet and the attached bottle clockwise 120°. The bottle is now above the toner inlet.

    Never press the Toner Supply Push Button unless you have attached a toner bottle to the Toner Inlet or installed the Toner Inlet cap.

  11. Press the Toner Supply Push Button (1) to move toner away from the inlet and into the toner supply area. The bottle rocks back and forth while the feed motor is running.

    To ensure that all the toner empties from the toner bottle into the toner inlet, gently tap the toner bottle while the toner feed motor is running.

    It is important that you press the Toner Supply Push Button one time to completely empty the toner bottle and to cause the Change Toner Collector message to appear at the correct time. This message always appears with the Add Toner message and after the fourth time you press the Toner Supply Push Button following a change of the toner collector. You must change the toner collector after you have added four bottles of toner to the printer to prevent over filling the toner collector.

  12. After the toner feed motor has stopped running, rotate the Toner Inlet and the attached toner bottle 120° counterclockwise. The toner bottle is now below the Toner Inlet.
  13. Gently tap the toner bottle to move excess toner from the toner inlet back into the bottle.
  14. To remove the toner bottle from the Toner Inlet, do the following:
    1. Push up on the bottle and rotate it counterclockwise until the bottle unlocks from the inlet. The narrow side of the bottle is now parallel to the printer.
    2. Pull the neck of the toner bottle out of the Toner Inlet.
    3. If the toner bottle still contains a large amount of toner, tap it sharply a few times, and repeat steps 9 through 14.
  15. Repeat steps 7 through 14 with the second bottle of toner.
  16. After you have added both bottles of toner to the toner hopper, wipe the Toner Inlet opening to remove any excess toner.
  17. Rotate the Toner Inlet so that the Toner Inlet opening is pointing up.
  18. Put the toner inlet cap on the Toner Inlet. To do this, rotate the cap clockwise until it locks securely.
  19. Close the toner catch door.
  20. Close the right front cover of the printer.
  21. Go to the Main panel of the touchscreen and select the appropriate toner gauge.
  22. On the panel that appears, specify the amount of toner you added.
    The gauges on the printer show how much more you can print by using the information you specify. It is important to specify how much toner you add.
  23. This completes the Add Toner procedure.