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Cleaning the printer

Clean the following areas of both printers before each shift:

Clean the following area at least once each week:

Recommendations About Cleaning the Printer

The printer cleaning procedure is as follows:

  1. Disable the host attachments. See Enabling and disabling attachments for details.
  2. Separate the forms at a perforation near the splicing table.
  3. Raise the static brush at the splicing table so that the forms fall back into the input area. Ensure that the end-of-forms sensor is not covered by forms in the input area.
  4. Advance the forms by doing one of the following:

    The 078A END OF FORMS message appears on the touchscreen.

    NPRO does not operate if the forms have not been aligned.
  5. Select Advance Paper (NPRO) or press NPRO again.

    In duplex mode, the forms move through both Printer 1 and Printer 2 to either the stacker on Printer 2 or to a postprocessing device behind Printer 2. In dual simplex mode, the forms move through the printer to the stacker or to a postprocessing device behind the printer.

    If the forms have moved to a printer stacker, go to step 6.

    If the forms have moved to a postprocessing device, go to step 7.

  6. Unload the stacker. See Unloading the stacker. Then perform the Shutdown procedure.
  7. Switch off power to the printer. See Controlling the system power for details.

    Damage to the printer can occur if printer power is not turned off before you use the vacuum cleaner.

  8. Plug a toner-certified vacuum cleaner into an ac outlet near the printer.
  9. Continue to Developer area.